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Construction Management

Project Delivery

GEi understands that successful project delivery does not end with completion of the construction documents. We therefore provide comprehensive construction management or design-build services to implement our designs, or those of others.


GEi has long-standing relationships with contractors of all trades who are familiar with our designs and are able to coordinate as an integrated construction team to successfully implement even the most complex construction projects on a Design-Build basis. With our intimate firsthand knowledge of the design intent, we have the ability to quickly respond to questions from contractors and adjust to unforeseen conditions in the field while minimizing schedule and cost impacts.

Construction Management

For clients and/or projects requiring a traditional bid process, we can function as Construction Managers, acting as the single point of contact for a project to manage the bid process, select contractors, coordinate construction schedules, liaise with the owner’s representatives, and provide commissioning services. We have successfully completed numerous projects of varying sizes under both of these models. Whichever construction track our clients prefer, GEi can provide complete estimating, tracking, and management throughout the design and construction process, and we have the expertise to effectively manage scheduling and coordination of the construction team to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

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