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Standby Power

Anyone who has experienced a long-term power outage knows what a stressful experience it can be. Concern over food spoilage, lack of running water from your well and no lights or heat can combine to make residential life miserable without reliable power. The stress of a long-term power outage is not limited to homeowners. Most modern businesses rely on electricity for effective operation. Being without lights, computers, or machinery can bring your business to a halt, costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

GEi can offer peace of mind through design-build installation of a backup generator for your home or business. We will analyze your electrical needs, select a generator of appropriate size and fuel type, and provide a complete turn-key installation.

Utility Billing Analysis

Many large energy consumers are not fully aware of the energy savings that can be realized through simple changes in billing structure or equipment operations. GEi can trend electrical and gas usage and billing information, review available alternative rate structures, identify energy-intensive equipment or processes,  and recommend steps to modify energy usage and/or rate plans to reduce expenditures.

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