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Existing Systems Improvement/Replacement

GEi engineers have extensive experience in plant operations and maintenance. We can act as your in-house engineering team to help predict and/or diagnose system failures and develop repair or replacement options for down equipment. We will work with your maintenance personnel to develop a working knowledge of your existing systems’ configuration, identify expected points of failure, and develop plans for improvement, including documentation for use in bidding and installation. Instead of reacting to equipment failures, allow our engineers to develop a proactive plan to systematically maintain and upgrade your equipment and systems on YOUR schedule.

Essential Systems Testing

Many facilities, particularly healthcare occupancies, are required to conduct documented testing of emergency power, selected HVAC, and various life safety-related detection and alarm systems. GEi has the expertise to design and manage these testing procedures for you. We can analyze your facility to determine what testing is required, develop simple forms for maintenance personnel to document results, tabulate testing data, and produce any reports required by the authority having jurisdiction.

Code Compliance Studies and Personnel Safety

GEi has a thorough knowledge of national, state and local codes governing various occupancies. We can assess existing systems or provide peer review of new designs to ensure that all applicable code requirements are met. We are well versed in electrical systems analysis and can conduct a complete arc flash study on your facility including development of NFPA-mandated labeling to indicate PPE requirements for energized work on electrical equipment.

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