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Planning, constructing and maintaining building systems is a complex and continuous process. GEi’s team of professional engineers is sensitive to the demands placed on facilities staff during major renovations or new construction. Our commitment to cooperation, communication, practical design and problem solving helps maintain 24/7 operations with as little interruption to commercial operations or client services as possible. At every turn, we endeavor to earn and uphold your trust. This commitment has forged successful, long term relationships with both facility owners and architectural partners and client satisfaction.

The GEi Team Approach

GEi has a long history of delivering successful projects working directly for both building owners and architects. Our firm develops excellent design and construction documentation using a team approach. Each project is led by at least one principal engineer who is directly responsible for the project from schematic design through construction completion.

No matter what the project, we begin by listening to our client in order to understand their project needs and how their needs are special. During the schematic design phase, we develop design options for our clients to consider. Each option’s merits are clearly communicated so that the client can make informed decisions regarding which works best for them. We strive to keep our clients involved in the decision process every step of the way.





Commitment to Excellence